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Explosion-proof glazing 

The building's glass, which is shattered by a bomb exploding outside, will enter the building in millions of pieces with incredible speed. Due to a strong explosion, 1 m2 of glass is transformed into 600 fatal glass fractures.

Bomb resistant glasses  will protect you and your property from broken glass by resisting even very powerful bomb attacks.

Normal glazing after explosion
Explosion-proof glazing test
Anti-explosion glazing after explosion

Some installations pose a natural hazard due to hazardous sources and the production of flammable materials. These facility buildings require more explosion-proof safety glass.

Pressure resistant glasses  are designed to show good performance when faced with sudden overpressure and then negative pressure from the explosion.

While it retains the glass pieces during the explosion event, it absorbs energy without transferring negative charges to the frame and structure of the building and without exploding.
It has been proven by extensive testing that the protection of residents and endangered property is guaranteed.

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